MAKE is committed to a premise of adapting resourceful and imaginative new practice to unisex fashion, at the highest taste level. While the global fashion industry ties itself in ethical knots over the sustainability question, MAKE has answered back with a robust 0% waste solution.

MAKE is made from the residual fabrics factories no longer need. The beautiful materials bound unnecessarily for landfill have been rescued and repurposed in a brand of modernity and care. Through an intense research and development programme, MAKE has plucked the fruit from an existing vine and remodelled it with special dreams of a newer, bluer sky for 2020s fashion. MAKE is not just made with a keen eye for the clothes we want to wear. Threaded between its seams are the reasons we want to wear them.

MAKE’s highly covetable first selection evaporates the boundaries between streetwear, workwear and high fashion. The debut range was conceived with reusable wizardry in its DNA. Each piece of MAKE’s debut range is made with a connoisseur’s eye for locating the best of the globe’s factory surplus materials. By eschewing seasonal catwalk boundaries, it keeps its promise of maximum impact to minimum waste.

The ethos of MAKE is simple. Search hard for the best available fabrics. Work with smaller quantities. When the chosen fabric is no longer available, move on to the new and freshly available excess which factories have earmarked for waste. This is a ‘desert island’ approach to fabric-first fashion, utilising resources closest at hand and finding the specialness within. MAKE is looking beyond traditional means of manufacture and production, to a brighter future for us all. It is about seeing possibility where others see restriction.

MAKE do and mend.