MAKE is an innovation led, sustainability first clothing and accessories brand based in Wales.

It is our belief that the world is at an environmental, economic and societal tipping point. We believe it is our intrinsic responsibility to do better than the generation before us and pave the way for generations to come.

MAKE is rooted in principles of ethical, environmental, cultural and societal conservation. As such we hope to inspire a revolution within the ways we create, collaborate and consume.

MAKE begins by utilizing the endless surplus stockpiles available globally. The direct result of archaic and destructive business practices that have made fashion the 2nd largest polluter on the planet, we aim to create a dramatic shift in their creation by drawing attention to the issue and expanding our industry use of what’s readily available.

Meanwhile, the next generation of sustainable material development is here.  In 2021, MAKE brought to market Gweave, the world's first biodegradable high abrasion material. Gweave will resist the elements and provide long lasting protection through the toughest of conditions.This first generation proprietary fabrication will vitally change how we sustainable materials today and in the future.

Our partners are independently owned factories who back MAKE. We are privileged to align with global leaders of their skill who are invested in the sustainable solutions central to our ecosystem. With their support, MAKE offers a development consultancy providing access to surplus and assisting those interested in sustainability and progressive supply chain solutions.

We use our Welsh roots and local platform to discuss the global issues that affect us all. On the whole we see MAKE as a part of a much larger social movement. To fight racism, fascism, social degradation, environmental genocide, human rights violations, climate change, and global atrocities worldwide. We champion better business practices by investing in sustainability, social responsibility, environmental conservation, racial equity, human rights and the people working so hard to make change.

In the end, our goal is simple. Make enduring products. Do good work that is more helpful than harmful. Inspire people everywhere to get outdoors, explore our world and the endless possibilities in it.